You will see photos of my garden, front and back yards.  These may give you some ideas on what I can do for you in your garden.

My Methods:

 - All of my flower beds are raised from the level of the lawn.  This provides for a very deep growing medium for the plants.  The beds are more impressive than if they were flat to the lawn level.  Also, it provides for ease of maintenance (less bending).



- All of my flower beds are raised up at least 12" from the level of the surrounding lawn.

- This provides a substantial growing medium for the plants, as the beds are filled with triple mix, usually mixed with leaves, and then enhanced with compost with the planting of each new plant.

- This makes a statement, as the bed is more prominent.  It also allows for ease of maintenance (less bending).

- In some areas of my yard, the top of the retaining wall is wide enough and flat enough to double as seating.

- My unique construction technique includes installing a stone edging around the perimeter of each bed, flat with the lawn level.  This means no trimming.  The fabric goes underneath the stone edging and up behind the retaining wall, so no soil can escape from the bed.  Once the stones are laid for the edging (in some cases wide enough to double as a path), the spaces between the stones are filled with stone dust and watered in.  No weed seeds will germinate if they land on the stone edging.

- I have used all natural stone in my garden, due to the style of my house; however, some clients prefer using man-made materials, and that is always an option.

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