Testimonials from Satisfied Participants:

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"I not only enjoyed everything you planned, but also rekindled old acquaintances.... Thanks so much for all the work you did in planning and making the week so enjoyable."

(Mary Ellen B.)

"We really liked the morning tee-times and the group set-ups for the foursomes."

(Deb B. & Jane R.)

"This fabulous trip, obviously was lots of work, by you and your team and I would not hesitate to join you again on another trip....I thank you."

  (Patricia E.)

"I was delighted with the trip and had a great time. The facilities were terrific, but I think it worked so well because it was so well organized.  I felt like our group was treated like royalty and we were the envy of all of the other golfers in terms of tee-times and the way we were treated.  Our experience in the hotel was similarly excellent.  Again, whenever there was the slightest concern or even just a question, you and your team was there with a response.  Nothing seemed to phase you.  The smoothness of the operation was wonderful....  Thank you so much for making this trip such a pleasure for me and my friend.                                 

  (Elaine G.)

"I think you did an amazing job overall.  All in all it was a job well done.  Many thanks."

(Rhonda H-D.)

"The food was better than I expected.  One can't expect perfection anywhere and I had very few complaints about anything I ate or any of the hotel services.  Thank you for putting so much effort into making sure everyone was happy.

(Ken H.)

"It was a great hotel and the food was wonderful.  We had a fantastic time!  It was nice to sit on the beach and not be approacched by vendors.  The beach and ocean were the best so far!  Thank you for organizing such a great trip!"

(Blair & Heather K.)

"Overall Lynn, whatever you were in charge of was professionally and exceptionally well executed.  You had a great team.  I was very happy to be part of your well organized trip.  Bravo."

(Alyce M.)

"I had a wonderful time.  The tee-off times were excellent.  The hotel is wonderful and you, Steve & Roseline was always available and ready to do everything possible. You make a great team!"

(Faye McD.)
"I have been on several golf trips and without a doubt, Lynn's Caribbean Classic was far and away the best organized. Our travel arrangements were perfect--arranged as promised; no surprises, no disappointments!  The information we received in advance was excellent and we were able to make good choices for our individual accommodations and extra activities.  No detail was left to chance.  As well, support continued throughout the trip.  We had a great time and recommend travelling with Lynn.  To Lynn:  kudos to you and your organizers and thanks.
(Sharon McG.)

"Lynn, it was a great trip. Overall the organization was excellent.  We had a really good time."

(Susan S.)

"I would be interested for next year."

(Louise S.)

"Lynn, it was a great trip and I really enjoyed myself....."

(Kristi V.)
"The trip was well organized. Everything happened on time and as advertised. " (Alain C.)

"It was a great trip, good food, good golf and a lot of laughs." (Faye McD.)

"Thanks again for the wonderful time." (Valerie McL.)


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