Spruce Tree Bed

This was originally a small oval-shaped bed underneath a large spruce tree near the front of the garage, and as such was very dry and contained only very tough shade-loving plants.

Original Bed

Next to this bed was a maple tree, and the lawn between the original Spruce Tree Bed and the maple tree was not very good grass, with large roots protruding, interfering with the mower.

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In the fall of 2008, I expanded the original bed to encompass the maple tree.  It took my entire stock pile of natural stone from my holding area in the back yard to create the retaining wall for the new bed and walk-way edging around its perimeter.

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Spring 2009

I have planted dozens of perennials in this new bed and am very anxious to see them emerge and mature.
The entire bed is planted with with and green only, for a very destinctive look, especially at night.

More pictures will be added once my perennials are showing through the summer and fall.

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